Our end of Key Stage results and academy attendance have improved year on year and we are narrowing the gap with national expectations. For both achievement and attendance students show significant improvement after joining Trinity.

Key Stage 2

  • There has been a greater proportion of students reaching their potential based on Year 2 grades, even if they come to Trinity late in Key Stage 2, this is because many students make accelerated progress.

  • 62% achieved Level 4 or 5 in English Reading, 23% in Writing and 38% in Maths. We achieved our first Level 5's this year - 3 in reading, 2 in writing and 1 in maths.

  • Based on their start-point 83% of 2013/14 Year 6 students made expected rates of progress in Maths and Reading and 100% made expected progress in Writing. There has been a significant improvement in progress rates over the past 3 years.

Key Stage 4

  • The percentage of students achieving at least 1 GCSE/equiv has increased year on year (now at over 60%)

  • The percentage of student achieving 5 or more full GCSE's has also increased.

  • Trinity is expanding its range of GCSE subjects on offer, in 2014/15 26 subjects were available at GCSE compared to 19 subjects in 2012/13

  • 56 GCSE's were attained in 2014/15 compared to 40 the previous year.

Whole Academy

  • 89% of students have improved their rates of progress since joining Trinity. 81% of these students are now achieving national expected rates.

  • Trinity students are closing the gap with national expectation, this is due to accelerated progress

  • We have a robust assessment system that picks up underachievement quickly and provides targeted intervention.

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