Trinity Academy New Bridge Work Packs

Trinity Academy New Bridge Work Packs

Please refer to the links for your year groups work pack:

If you have any questions regarding the packs please contact and the relevant staff will get back to you in due time.

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Sports Day Project: See the dedicated page here for weekly updates!

Week 2 Video:

Religion Week Lessons:

Lexia links

Lexia Core5:

Student Program

Lexia PowerUp:

Student Program: Enter when first logging on.

TES Home Learning:


BBC Bitesize: (Years 7 and 8)

Maths (Years 9,10 and 11):

Unit 1 - Numbers

Whole number -

Decimals -

Multiples and factors -

Laws of Indices -

Standard form -

Unit 2 - Algebra

Algebraic expression -

Algebraic formulae -

Unit 5 - Equations, inequalities and sequences

Solving linear equations -

Inequalities -

Sequences -

Unit 8 - perimeter, area and volume

Two dimensional shapes -

Three dimensional shapes -

Maths (Years 7 and 8)

Unit 1 - Analysing and Displaying Data

Tables, graphs and charts -

Mean, median, mode and range -

Unit 2 - Number/Calculating

Adding and subtracting -

Multiplication and division -


Rounding and estimating -

Unit 3 - Expressions, Functions and Formulae

Algebra -