Trinity Academy Newcastle Upper Site Work Packs

Trinity Academy Newcastle Upper Site Work Packs

Please refer to the links for your year groups work pack:

If you have any questions regarding the packs please contact and the relevant staff will get back to you in due time.

See Other Useful Links Below:

Science – Year 11

GCSE Biology Revision/Help Sheets

Students are advised to complete the GCSE Biology revision sheets using the GCSE Biology PowerPoint for help as it is needed.

GCSE Biology Past Papers

There are two past papers for students to attempt, one of which is part of the revision pack that has been sent home. There is also a Maths skills in Science paper for students to work through.

Further Revision

Students can use the GCSE Biology Bitesize site for extra help with their revision.

Maths – Year 11

Students are advised to use the links below to aid their revision in Maths. All of these links have been used by students in lessons.

Students use this as a starter for their lessons;

Worksheets and Videos
Students can access topics that are based on GCSE questions:

GCSE Practice Papers
Students can use these papers as guides, in preparation for their GCSE exams:

Revision Work
Students need to access their Doddle account

TES Home Learning: