At Trinity Academy we are dedicated to providing a rich, experiential curriculum which promotes children's independence, a thirst for enquiry and a life-long passion for learning. We believe this is done best through cross-curricular learning, in which children learn through linking subjects together. The National Curriculum is the statutory requirement for student's learning during Key Stage 1 to 4. In addition to the National Curriculum, Trinity has supplementary subjects built into the curriculum offer which not only ensures the coverage of the National Curriculum, but also facilitates learning experiences that enable our pupils to achieve their full potential. We believe in providing enriching opportunities which develop the core skills of Communication, Numeracy, Reading and Writing.

The lower school provides a flexible and rounded curriculum fulfilling all national curriculum requirements for KS2 and KS3. This is supported by a range of enrichments activities to provide cross curriculum learning experiences and SMSC objectives.
In the upper school students follow a diverse, flexible curriculum which includes 9 GCSE and 2 vocational options. There is still a core component of subjects, namely English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Physical Education, PHSE, WRL and Technology.
Tutors are effectively deployed to help enrich the curriculum by giving students 'real life' experiences in the vocations of mechanics, brick laying, plastering and construction.