Another Super Summer Sports Day at Deneview

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What a wonderful day at Trinity Deneview Summer Sports Day organised by Eileen. The teams were varied with each team being Hearts, Clubs, Spades or Diamonds. The ‘games host’ this year was Neil Peacock who organised the teams brilliantly and did not need the loudspeaker! All participants clearly understood what was expected of them and everyone in each team gave 100%. It was a joy to see everyone cheering each other on and supporting one another. Older students that have been part of the sports day in previous years were explaining the rules to new or younger students. Vicky and Jade made excellent First Aiders and fortunately were not required on the day.

The games included a baton relay race, egg and spoon race, three legged race, heads and tails, book balance walk, balls in the bucket amongst others and ended up with everyone’s all-time favourite the tug of war.

At 1.30pm ice pops and drinks were served by some student volunteers supported by Miss Marshall and were greatly appreciated and enjoyed outside in the sensory garden. Alison Carruthers had evidenced most of the events on her trusted IPad taking thousands of pictures. The ‘Sin Bin’ (rest bench) was not needed this year as everyone just got on well and enjoyed the day, there were no upsets to mention. Special thanks to all of the staff and students who have made unforgettable memories to treasure.

The winners this year were the Diamond team and they each received a medal and also the Trophy to be engraved for 2018. Although, everyone were winners in their own right. Well done everyone!