Beadnell Trip!

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Group 1 Beadnell Trip

Group 1 were very excited, it was Beadnell day! We got our warmest coats on, sensible shoes and made sure we had our packed lunches...we were off!

It was a long drive to get to Beadnell and we could see some interesting things out of the mini bus window; we saw sheep, wind turbines and as we were getting close to Beadnell we could see the sea.

We pulled up to the house, wow! We loved the house, it was so big and it was an upside down house where the bedrooms were downstairs and the kitchen and sitting room were upstairs. We wasted no time and headed to the gorgeous Beadnell beach where we had the best time! The sun was so bright but it was still chilly: The sea glittered in the sunlight and we found it so hard not to run into the shimmering water. We found interesting shells, rocks and even animal bones and we ran up and down the enormous sand dunes. There was a rumble all of a sudden…it was our tummies! Lunch time.

We sat and ate lunch with a beautiful view from the dining room window of the upside down house and warmed our socks on the radiators. Group 1 got all cosy in the sitting room and watched a film before it was time to head back to school with lots of sleepy children on the mini bus on the journey back.

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