Centre for Life Visit

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Centre for Life Visit

On Thursday 14th December, 13 lucky students from Deneview had been selected to attend a trip at the Centre for Life. Students had been selected by class teachers for their excellent contributions in science this year.

Students started off at Dino Jaws, an amazing exhibition from the Natural History Museum, featuring life-size animatronic dinosaur heads – including the terrifying T. rex! Students learnt about dinosaurs using the things they left behind.

They used their skills and found out what a dinosaur scientist would need; comparison, measurement and number skills to investigate the size of dinosaur footprints.

Next we headed to the planetarium where we explored the night sky and its constellations, travelled through our solar system and took a closer look at the moon. We also found out where shooting stars come from.
After lunch, students headed onto the ice rink. Many students hadn’t been ice skating before but soon found their feet, thanks to Miss Robinson!

Students finished off the day with a 4D motion ride which was described as “epic!”.