Art Collage

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In Art this term, KS3 students have been focussing on collage.

Over the term, we have looked at pieces of abstract art by Henri Matisse, Paul Klee and Wassily Kadinsky. Students have used these pieces as inspiration for their own compositions - making 3D collages, mixed-material collages and cut out collages.

Throughout the term, students have looked at the principles of art and have been encouraged to talk about and explain their creative choices.

Lessons have often started with a lively discussion about the concept of abstract art and students have shared their thoughts and opinions on the artworks studied. Students have also had the opportunity to research more about the artworks themselves and were keen to find out about the prices and sizes of many of Matisse’s collages (they are very expensive and VERY BIG).

To finish the term, we are exploring the art principles of ‘texture’ and ‘proportion’. Students used scrunched up tissue paper to create realistic ‘Winter’ themed art work to begin to showcase these areas.