Deneview Leavers 2018

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A mixture of emotions for some of our year 7/8 leavers this year. Some of the students being really excited to go onto their new venture over to the Oakfield site, whilst also sad to leave their familiar school environment, that they have become accustomed to.

We say a fond 'Farewell' to fifteen of our learners from Deneview, who transition over to the Oakfield site. The students have had trial afternoons, leading on to full days and have been very successful in adapting to new routines, new teaching staff and many other unfamiliar experiences and surroundings.

The leavers shared special time with Yvonne, Ben and Liam at the Beadnell residential to spend some quality time together before moving on. This had been thoroughly enjoyed by all, with many stories to discuss on return.

Parents were invited over to visit Oakfield to have a look around and to discuss with staff, relevant information pertinent to them and their child.

The follow up telephone conversations reported that parents/carers had been delighted with the experience, had been well informed from friendly staff and commented that the new found insight and knowledge they had gleaned had been greatly beneficial to them.

Eileen and Ben were really impressed at how well all of the students had coped, appearing comfortable and relaxed during the trial periods and most of all enjoying their learning.

There were laughter and tears from staff, parents/carers and leavers/students as we congregated at Deneview for the 'Leavers Ceremony'. Eileen and Vicky had compiled a slide show with many photographs and music favourites that the students enjoy. Chuckles and low groans were heard as many experiences of the leaver’s photographs were displayed. Gifts and certificates were gratefully received.

Good Luck on your onward journey... Keep Striving for Excellence!