Parents Evening Feedback 21.11.17

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Another lovely parents' evening at Deneview - Over 50 parents attended and 36 students were represented

'Extremely pleased with school set up, structure and routine. Fantastic work achieved by Alfie. 2 very proud parents'

'Wonderful to hear the good stuff that is being done and how good things are going'

'Very happy with how Sam's progressing'

'Excellent feedback, fantastic school'

'Well organised and informative'

'Lovely school, lovely staff'

'Brilliant school, Would recommend to anyone. My son has improved massively'

Enjoyed meeting Billy's teachers and I am very pleased how he is settling down now'

'Have had a lovely time with all the good things about Cam'

'Had a lovely time, all good'

'Extremely happy with comments and very proud'

'So glad Harley is doing well, proud of him'

'I am very proud of Tyler this school has brought him on millions. Thanks'

'Very positive parents evening. Feel Barry's progress and effort is being recognised'

'Great school, well done'

'Fab school, very proud with Llayton's progress'

'Really pleased with the set up. I love her work and glad she is settled'

''Jenson improved massively, really happy with teachers and support'

'So proud of how Jack's doing. Very happy and settled. Staff are brilliant and he speaks very highly of them'

'Really proud on how Leighton is getting on school and his work'