Group 1 tackle the farm!

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Farm Visit with Group 1

As part of our PREPARE lessons this term, children in Group 1 are going to be visiting and working on the school farm at Oakfield. The children were asked to clean out the chicken coop. With excitement and laughter, we all put on our oversised overalls and too big wellies onand marched down the farm path to where we would be working. First, we had to scrape, using a spade and fork, the old straw from the floor and beds and pile it all into the middle of the coop. We then transferred it into a wheelbarrow and deposited it onto the compost heap. Finally, we lay fresh, clean straw down and watched the chickens rush happily back into their nice,clean home.

The key skills we learnt today was how to be responsible and work positively together to get the job done. We can’t wait to see what our next task will be!