Group 4 Outdoor Education Day 2018

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Group 4 recently attended an Outdoor Education day Ghyll Scrambling in Simonside. Paul came to school and showed us the equipment we would need and the route we would be taking. In no time, we were on the minibus headed to Rothbury. Ghyll Scrambling is when you walk up a stream which runs through a valley. There were many obstacles; rocks, fallen trees, waterfalls, plunge pools etc to navigate around. We worked as a team to make our way through the valley, the stronger students stopping to help and support other students. Declan and Nicky enjoyed doing their best ‘Silly Salmon’ impressions in the freezing cold plunge pools while Kieron’s entertainment came from Miss Robinson’s screams from the cold water. It seemed like a long time, but everyone felt relief to see the trees clearing… We had made it to the top! Paul had brought us a hot chocolate which certainly helped us feel our fingers again and after a short rest, we headed back to the minibus where we were very grateful to see our clean warm clothes and packed lunches. The return journey to school was a very quiet one, as most of us fell asleep!