Group 6 Citizenship

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In Citizenship, Group 6 have focused on the key elements for team building. The students found out similarities and differences they have with their peers such as siblings, pets and favourite colours. We then discussed the importance of communication and listening skills. The students got into pairs and were given a set of Lego each that matched their peers set. The task was for one student to build a structure and use their communication skills to talk their partner through how to build it without showing them. The students worked very well together and were able to calmly instruct their partners to complete the task. Following this, the students went into the gym and were instructed to stand in any order on the bench. The students had to order themselves in height order without stepping off the bench, teaching them to use communication, visual information and to understand personal space. The students enjoyed the lesson and were able to relay the importance of the skills we had used in the lesson.