Inspirational Women with Group 5

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This half term, Group 5 are studying inspirational women.

We started off the topic thinking of woman that are personally inspirational to us before sharing our answers.

During week 1, we learnt about Florence Nightingale. Florence was a nurse during the Crimean War. She and her nurses saved many lives. Florence is inspirational as she changed modern day nursing to make sure that nurses had the correct training and that equipment and the hospitals were spotlessly clean.

This week, we have learnt about Rosa Parks. Rosa was a black lady who fought for the rights of black people in America. Rosa is famous as she helped change the civil rights laws in America as refused to give her seat up for a white lady (as they had to in America in the 1950s). We took into consideration how Rosa must have felt as she was shouted at to move from the bus driver and arrested by the police when she refused to give up her seat. We used role play to act out the situation. We had great fun by changing the roles and agreed at the end of the lesson that Rosa must have been feeling very angry, hurt and upset but very proud that she has made such a difference and is remembered for her heroic act!

Can you think of any inspirational women?