KS3 Poems.

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This term KS3 have focused their attention on poems. We have looked at a selection of poetry including Dulce et Decorum Est written by Wilfred Owen it means "How sweet and noble it is to die for one's country". It was originally written by the Roman poet Horace.

The students have looked at the 4 Stanza’s of the poem and asked some interesting questions regarding unfamiliar words. The group discussed the text and possible meaning of the content. Next, we de-coded the wording into words that are used more widely and familiar to all. Some students questioned text such as - froth corrupted, high zest and trudge.

KS3 have looked at the poem in depth and also have related it into their assessment work on a Wartime Diary written in the first person. The students have completed some astonishing diaries following completion of a diary plan.

This is Liam’s example of how he may have felt in a WW1 situation, fighting on the front line.

Dear Diary,

This morning I saw soldiers dying. I can hear gunshots. I can smell gas and feel death.

Later that day chemicals fill the air. I smelt toxic gas. It made me feel sick.

Meanwhile, I helped my friend, he was choking and laying on the ground. I put him on my back along to somewhere safe.

This evening horrible disgusting mud was all over the place and all over the men’s faces.

By Liam