Outdoor Ed - Bolam Lake 2018

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On Wednesday 10th October Group 5 went on an outdoor education trip to Bolam Lake, Northumberland. The day consisted of a range of team building activities to encourage students to work together to solve problems. Six of our students took part in the activities and were split up into two groups to compete against each other. First, the beginning of the day started with a game where three pupils stood on two skis with string and their job was to move together as a team to get to the other side and through the cones. Both teams showed the staff how they can work as a team to come up with different strategies that worked the best.

As the day went on they did many more tasks/games and displayed outstanding contribution to work as part of a team. It amazed the staff to see how students went out of their way to help and encourage others who struggled with different parts of the activities. They motivated each other and showed each other great amounts of respect. The students used the outdoors to their advantage and went conker picking. To conclude the day the children wore blindfolds and were supervised by staff as they had to guide their way through the trees as a team. Team efforts were incredible and students displayed good listening skills as they were able to complete all tasks given with a smile on their face.

For more pictures of the trip please head over to our Gallery