Wanderer's Under 14's Football 2018

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Before Easter, Deneview under 14’s participated in the Wanderer’s football event. Tension mounted half way through the tournament as the Oakfield’s game approached. Half way through the game the score was 0-0, was Deneview in with a chance? The game continued well, all was not lost until suddenly! Christ Zoma scored a goal for Oakfield…The pressure soared as Deneview gave it their all. Sadly, the team were defeated, however, the spirits remained high. The teams shook hands and parted for lunch.

The day continued with Deneview winning 8 out of 9 games.

The teams sat waiting for the results with bated breath. Oakfield under 14’s won the tournament, closely followed by Deneview coming second.

The icing on the cake had to be the ‘Dan Lloyd’ trophy which was awarded to Deneview….

What a magical achievement and a day we will never forget.