Transport Arrangements

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Transport Arrangements for Students attending Trinity Academy, Deneview.

Overall responsibility for the safety of students once they have arrived on site until they leave site is the responsibility of Mark Flint - Head of School.

Morning Arrival

  • No student is allowed on site prior to 8.20am
  • Students can disembark from vehicles in the 'drop off area' at the front of the building

Evening Departure

  • No vehicle (taxis/parent/carer) involved in the collection of students will be allowed on site before 14.30, EXCEPT on Wednesday when vehicles will be allowed to enter site from 14.00 to accomodate the early finish.
  • Vehicles arriving prior to 14.30/14.00 will be asked to leave site
  • All students are released from the back of the building
  • No student will be allowed to leave site by the front entrance
  • All vehicles must follow directions to the back of the building, directions may be either verbal or written (see map)
  • All vehicles must observe the strict 5mph max speed limit
  • Vehicles will be lined up in a strict arrival order
  • All vehicles willl be called forward by an appropriate staff member in a controlled manner
  • Vehicles will only move on direct instruction of an appropriate staff member
  • Vehicles will leave site following instructions and guidance of an appropriate staff member