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In English this term Group 2 are learning about recount text types and features. Children have already written personal diary recounts about their half term holidays and are now researching Mount Everest in preparation for their factual newspaper recount on Mallory and Irvine.

In 1924 George Mallory and Andrew ‘Sandy’ Irvine attempted to be the first people to summit Everest. The conditions were harsh and people have disputed whether the 1920’s climbing equipment that Mallory and Irvine used was adequate enough to deal with such conditions.

On the 8th June 1924 Mallory and Irvine headed for the summit and were never seen again – did they make it? In 1999, Conrad Anker and his team led an expedition to find the body of Irvine, only to find Mallory’s body instead, 75 years after he had died. Items found on the body were debated over but still no one knows if they made it.

Group 2 have debated the evidence and come up with their own theory:

"I think they made it to the top but fell on their way down because Mallory’s sunglasses were in his pocket, meaning it was dark as they were descending"Elisha

"I think that Mallory made it to the top because he said he was going to leave a photo of his wife on the summit. The photo wasn’t in his pocket when they found his body so he must have left it on the top" – John

"I don’t think they made it because there is no evidence. They didn’t find the camera"Leighton T

"I think they might have made it but they also might not have made it. It is 50/50 because their clothes were too thin for the cold weather although Mallory was found with seven layers on to keep warm"Leighton A

What do you think?

If you want to find out more, please watch the videos by following the links below:

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