Trinity Deneview Curriculum

Trinity Deneview Curriculum

The design and delivery of the Curriculum at Deneview is catered closely to the individual needs of our students to ensure engagement and success for all.

Our creative timetable enables us to deliver all National Curriculum subjects through challenging, motivating and innovative learning opportunities.

At Trinity we do not see ability as permanent or pre-determined. Students may arrive with gaps in their learning due turbulence in previous schools. We relish the opportunity to work with students to reach their potential. Achievement is carefully monitored and any student falling below our high expectations is quickly given sharp and specific intervention.

Our Key Stage 2 students are placed in age groups and are taught by a consistent class teacher, sometimes these groups span 2 school years. There are times in the week where these groups access subject specialists for specific lessons.

Our Key Stage 3 students move around specialist subject staff throughout the school day. All students access an age appropriate curriculum that is targeted to meet their needs. We also have an Additional Needs unit in school who are a mix of KS2 and 3 students that access all their lessons through a consistent team of specialised staff.

The table below displays how many lessons are allocated to each subject per term.

For any additional information please contact head of school Mr Mark Flint.

Subject Key Stage 2 Key Stage 3
Tutorial 1 1
English 5 5
English Skills 1 1
Maths 5 5
Science 3 4
Humanities 2 2
SMSC 2 2
Technology (Double) 2 2
S&L 1
Art 1 1
PE 2 2
Computing 2 2
Activities (Fri PM) 2 2

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Deneview Curriculum
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