Christmas Poems

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Christmas Senses poem

In their English lesson group 1 talked about senses. We discussed as a group how Christmas can mean different things to different people. We discussed how Christmas looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds. The students then came up with their own poems which were all original and individual to them. They then read them out to the class and listened well to others while they were being read.

Nathan's Christmas senses Poem
Christmas looks like snow falling from the sky.
Christmas sounds like Santa saying hohoho.
Christmas smells like a chocolate factory.
Christmas tastes like a turkey dinner.
Christmas feels like a warm cuddly jumper.

Tyler's Christmas senses poem
Christmas looks like Santa coming to my house.
Christmas sounds like presents opening.
Christmas smells like snow and magic.
Christmas tastes like tatty and gravy.
Christmas feels like warm hugs.