Group 9 rock at abseiling!

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Group 9 rock at abseiling!

Group 9 were given the amazing opportunity to try their hand at abseiling from Wylam Bridge. There was a lot of apprehension, excitement and nerves presenting themselves on the bus journey to Wylam with a lot of the group saying they didn’t want to try the activity. We listened to some music, relaxed and before we knew it (well, after Ben had driven the wrong way!) we were greeted by Paul.

The equipment you need for abseiling is extensive so we had a lot to carry to the bridge from the bus: We were still feeling nervous! Paul gave the group a safety talk and showed the group how to use the equipment in the correct way, the nerves were getting worse! After a little practice and a lot of reassuring we were ready to go.

The group were amazing and the level of support and encouragement towards each other was something to be proud of. The sun was shining, the packed lunches were tasty and the abseiling was a breeze, when can we go again?!

Here are some of the pupil’s thoughts on their experience of abseiling;

I enjoyed the trip because it gave me a chance to get to know my class mates more - MO

I enjoyed getting over my fears and abseiling down the bridge – AH

I liked being with my mates and bonding as a class – TR

I liked the socialising with other people – KE

I liked climbing down the bigger one [bridge] and being outdoors all day – BT

I enjoyed the long journey there and I liked walking down the bottom of the bridge by the water. I liked looking over the top while people were abseiling and I liked sitting on the bridge doing the practice ropes. It was a very good experience - LB

Photo's from the day can be found here!

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