Lightwater Valley Trip

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Lightwater Valley

As a reward for behaviour and attendance, a group of 18 students were selected for a trip to Light Water Valley.

Excitement was high on the journey down with sweets being kindly shared around the busses. Elisha thoroughly enjoyed singing along to all the chart music that Courtney had kindly prepared!

Once we arrived, we picked a meeting spot and students were advised of their groups and responsible adults. Students were also shown the meeting point and safety instructions before heading off.

Groups enjoyed facing their fears and trying something new. Other students stuck to the rides they know they enjoyed. We stopped for a 30 minute lunch break before heading back to the rides!

Thankfully, the rain kept off and all students had a great time.

All of the students on Sophie’s bus were that tired, they all fell asleep on the way home!

We already cannot wait to go next year!

“I lost my voice after the Ultimate but I would go on again, I loved it!”Morgan

“My favourite bit was the Ladybird rollercoaster ride. I also liked the falls of terror - I was scared at first but it was really fun.”Evie

“I really enjoyed the Ultimate, it was my favourite”Brendan