Mental Health Advice for Parents


Mental Health and Wellbeing Advice for Parents

Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust recognises the importance of having a whole school approach to supporting the positive mental health and wellbeing of our children and young people. As part of our academy community, parents and carers are vital to ensuring our students are well supported. This section will provide information about our academy approach, as well as provide useful links to sources of support.

Evidence suggests that at least 1 in 10 young people aged 5-16 have a diagnosable mental health issue. However, many more young people experience episodes of poor mental health at some point growing up. This has been shown to have a negative impact on their achievement at school. Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust is proactive in its approach to tackling poor mental health.

All our children and young people participate in a range of activities which build their confidence, emotional resilience, as well as raise their awareness of issues relating to mental health. Our broad and balanced curriculum provides opportunities for our young people to equip themselves with the tools to face challenges positively. From time to time, some young people may require more targeted support. This may include work around building positive relationships with peers, reflecting on their conduct in school, or help to process traumatic events. The academy offers small group work and individualised support where appropriate. On a few occasions, individuals may require support from specialist provisions. In such cases, the Academy maintains excellent relationships with local organisations, and will work together with parents and carers to ensure their children receive timely and effective support regarding their mental health. Staff are confident in providing referrals to external services where needed.

Who can i speak to in the Academy if i have a concern about my child's mental health?

Support is available from a number of areas within school:

•Your child’s Tutor is available to discuss any issues with you privately. However, any of your child’s Teachers will listen to you and can offer help.

•All members of the Pastoral Team are always willing to talk through any issues or concerns you may have regarding mental health.

•There are Mental Health Champions on each site who are happy to speak to anyone with concerns regarding the mental health of their son or daughter. These are Alan Evans and Karl Elliott in Solutions, Dionne Horridge and Jade McGreavy at Oakfield and Neil Peacock and Michelle Robinson at Deneview.

Michelle Higgins leads on mental health across the academy and is happy to support in any way possible. Michelle is also lead for student welfare and safeguarding and can be contacted via reception. Tel 0191 2986950.

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