Mental Health advice for Staff


Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust recognises that all our staff work in challenging circumstances. The positive mental health of our staff is key to achieving the best possible outcomes for the whole school community. Consequently, there is a drive continuous throughout the academy to create a culture which reduces the stigma around mental health and fosters honest conversations regarding staff mental health and wellbeing.

Who can I speak to for advice and support regarding mental health and wellbeing?

The first and most appropriate person to speak to, if you are concerned about your own mental health in relation to work, is your line manager. While all managers have a duty to support their teams, it is also in all of our best interests to raise issues and support each other. In circumstances where this is not possible, another manager will listen to your concerns and provide advice and support where appropriate.

The role of the Mental Health Champions.

The Mental Health Champions are members of staff who have volunteered to help develop and implement support for mental health across the Academy. Your Champions can advise you on where to find out information about a range of mental health issues and the support available.

Independent Services Available.

Although the academy is working hard to maintain a supportive culture, we recognise that some people may wish to speak to someone outside of their place of work. The Education Support Partnership provide a free, confidential support line for all staff working in education Tel: 08000 562 561

Resources Available

There are an ever increasing bank of resources on the shared staff OneNote. This includes information and advice about looking after your own mental health and wellbeing. The Education Support Partnership website is also worthwhile looking at -

Mental Health advice for Staff Downloads

Staff Welbeing Initiatives
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