Catch Up Premium

Catch Up Premium

Trinity Academy New Bridge - Year 7 Catch Up Premium


The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of key stage 2 (pupils scoring a scaled score of 99 or below).

In 2018-2019 Trinity Academy New Bridge was allocated £3,385.00. In 2019-2020 we estimate the school will again receive £3,385.00.

How we spent our allocation in 2019-20

The impact of the 2019-20 spend has been a high proportion of targeted students making age-related progress. In 2020-21 we will build on this success by continuing these effective strategies.

  1. Curriculum Structure – Y7 students had a bespoke base-room where the ratio of staff to students was higher and a TA supported learning.
  2. Intervention sessions – students with the widest gap with age expectation received additional 1:1 intervention.
  3. Curriculum resources – Reading and comprehension (including e-learning via Lexia), writing and practical maths resources (Including e-learning, MyMaths) to support an engaging and motivating Y7 curriculum.

Impact of spend in 2019-20

A higher proportion of students who were eligible for the Catch Up premium achieved age expected progress when compared to the whole school population.

Mathematics 35%

English 20%

Catch up Students achieving rapid or age-related progress during Year 7 19%

The impact of the spending indicates Year 7 pupils made significant progress in both mathematics and English. Baseline assessments at the start of the year were compared with termly assessments, to ensure learners were making progress. The progress made by Year 7 pupils identified for intervention, as compared to the general cohort of Year 7s, to ensure the effectiveness of strategies being applied.

Subject leads for both subjects also tracked individual progress electronically, using MyMaths and Lexia and disseminated this information to staff working in intervention, to ensure intervention was targeted on individual needs.

Catch Up Premium Downloads

Catch Up Premium Review and Statement 19/20
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