Adventurous Activities

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Adventurous Activities.

As we plan for success and strive for excellence at Trinity Academy Newcastle, we believe in providing our students with opportunities to reflect how proud we are of them. Over the past term we have been working alongside Adventure Training North East (ATNE) who have delivered a variety of Adventure Activities for select groups of students - including assault courses and high ropes, to bush craft, indoor climbing and canyoning.

Students who have been a part of these adventures have beendisplayed kindness, been polite, and showed themselves in a very positive light. Jon and Caroline (ATNE Instructors) have said, "Never before have we heard so many pleases and thank yous". A reflection of our students being true ambassadors of Trinity Academy.

Some of the adventures we have been on have been challenging, and some students have worked hard to overcome personal barriers.

Students who have shown afear of heights climbed up Sunderland Wall; we've seen students who 'can't do that' persevere with lighting a fire in wet conditions during bush craft; we've recognised students who are not as active as they could be, being supported and encouraged by other students who would normally keep themselves to themselves; we have seen and continue to see a change to our students - improved attitudes in lessons, improved attendance, positive relationships developed and maintained.

Following thestudents on this journey, watching them learn new skills, unlock potential, showingwhat they 'can do'has meant our students have stretched their imagination, experienced new learning, worked with others and have fun. All the students who have participated in these activities should be proud of their achievements.