Celebrating Art Work

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Art Celebration

We are celebrating the success of our GCSE students in the Art room. KS3 students have been introduced to what a GCSE project looks like this term. They are equality inspired and excited to learn new skills in order to prepare them for GCSE Art. Students are encouraged to develop their technical skills and experience art first hand in order to inform their own practise and be artists themselves. The achievements of Trinity artists are celebrated and showcased at many regular school events. Students currently study the GCSE Art and Design awarded by AQA the course enabling them to study and explore a broad range of visual arts encompassing painting, sculpture, textiles and photography.

KS3 this term are looking at History, students have started at the beginning with some mixed media cave art inspired by the caves in Lascaux. Students have created some inspiring work and will be moving through history exploring different cultures and themes.

KS4 are exploring book art as their first GCSE coursework project. Students have had exciting workshops, which has led to some inspiring work.