Culture Vultures at the Baltic

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Students visited the various exhibitions currently housed in the Baltic Museum in Newcastle.

Three students from KS3 explored Heather Phillipson: The age of Love absorbing the colourful and loud atmosphere. Her exhibition was eye catching and surreal. Her work encouraged them to explore their senses, posing the questions:

What can you see, hear and smell?

How does the floor feel under you feet?

If you could eat a bit of Heathers work what would it taste?

They also had chance to view the work of Barby Asante and the Declaration of Independence.

Ryan: “I thought the Museum was amazing and there was a lot of artwork to see. My Favourite piece was the giant cat on the top floor with the big glowing eyes”

Harry: “ I liked the cat with the laser eyes and the whole exhibition was like a party with the music and lights”

George:” I thought the trip was very adventurous and it was fantastic to see all of the political artwork.”