Deneview Day 1 Transition

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Creative Arts

During their much anticipated transition over to Oakfield, Deneview students had the opportunity to experience creative arts with Miss Bishop.

In a series of workshops students will explore different methods of drawing and experiment with a variety of creative techniques. This lesson students explored blind contour drawing with the expectation that they must not look at what they are drawing. This creates a free and creative image.

Students reflected on their progress at the end of the lesson by completion of a reflection task and also participated in a class discussion about the creative arts pathway.

Bradley: “I drew a variety of different things while not looking at my paper using one version of media which is pencil. I tried to use details more than shape.”

Antonia: “we did contour drawing. I achieved this lesson by using pens and pencil. I loved this lesson I would love to do this again.”

Miss Bishop stated that the class were full of enthusiasm and an absolute delight to teach. “I look forward to exploring more creative processes with them in September- Amazing effort from all!”