Mental Health Awareness Week Events

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As part of Mental Health Week, from the 14th-20th May, students at Trinity Academy have been provided with a number of opportunities to focus on their wellbeing.

Each morning, students are invited to walk with Ellie, our four legged friend, and take a moments paws for thought! Students benefit from walking a mile and starting their day with some gentle exercise. This also provides an opportunity to talk. We have discussed exam anxiety, right through to the best Friday reward activities. Ellie is an excellent listener, when not distracted by the donkeys.

This week also saw the inaugural Oakfield students vs staff football matches. The majority of the school spent an afternoon at our local sports centre either playing in, or cheering on a number of fantastic games. The games were organised to help build upon the excellent relationships between students and staff, and the benefits were clear to see. Every single student involved showed respect for themselves, each other and the staff. This was a superb afternoon and one that can hopefully be repeated in the near future. I won’t break the illusion by stating the score, so if one of the students tells you at home that they scored a hatrick and they won 10-0, you can just say ‘well done’.

This week has also seen the start of a busy period of exams for our year 11 students. We understand that this can be a stressful time for those involved and are mindful to ensure all students are given time to relax. As well as being given extra revision classes, the timetable has also been adjusted to provide students with activities which can take the pressure off. This has included going to the gym or playing Ultimate Frisbee.

You can find out more information on other mental health and wellbeing initiatives within Trinity Academy via the website, or by contacting one of our Mental Health Champions.