Oakfield Parent's Evening 2018

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As you all know parent's evening took place on the 27th March.

Have a look at some of the Parent's comments from our parents evening:

I’m very pleased with the progress of my grandson. Fantastic teachers, very supportive.

I am well pleased with Harry’s progress. Thanks to all the staff.

Good meeting Josh’s new teachers and happy with all the comments made.

Bailey appears to be settling well into his new timetable, hoping to continue to see improvements.

Great meeting. So happy with Cameron and all the support everyone gives him.

Great meeting staff. All good. Thank you for all the support.

Excellent parents’ evening for Aaron. The progress Aaron is making is brilliant.

Thank you. Good to hear about all about David and the forthcoming options.

Very positive and some good feedback.

Very positive. Looking positive for Matthew’s future. I’m so looking forward to him going into Year 11. Fantastic support and fantastic staff.

I find the staff are polite and always have good feedback on Lewis. Lewis gets on well with the staff.

So appreciative of the support staff give to Kate to fulfil her potential. Thank you to all.