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Oakfield Parent's Evening - Tuesday 21st November 2017

Despite the wicked weather and dark nights, many of our amazing parents and carers turned out to attend our parents’ evening, and what a lovely event it was. There was a really nice atmosphere in the dining hall; a warmth and friendship which was acknowledged by everyone. The mutual support, passion and commitment shared by staff, parents and carers was palpable. It was a delight. It never ceases to amaze just how hard we all work together to gain the best possible outcomes for our children and how strong the links between home and school are.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers for your continued strength and support.

Here is some of the feedback from the night:

'Pleased with Jade's progress in Art and Maths.'

'Loved hearing how much Aaron is progressing since joining White group. Great hearing such positive things about Aaron'swork.'

'Loved hearing how well Kian's doing and how much he loves school.'

'I'm over the moon with Ben's progress. I was up at his last school every day, but not here.'

Nice meeting the teachers. It's always nice to come up and find out how Liam's getting on.

'I love the feedback I've got about Lewis tonight. I'm happy with all the progress he's making. I think all the staff are nice; Lewis has told me how supportive they are.'

'My son is really shining. I'm impressed by all the staff and how much they care for him.'

'Impressed with the support and encouragement Brandon's received over the year; I know with this he will go a long way. Thanks.