Rattle Snake Performance

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Rattle Snake

On Wednesday the 11th of October 2017 the staff at Trinity Academy along with some guests were lucky enough to enjoy a performance of the latest offering from the Open Clasp theatre group entitled Rattle Snake. Open Clasp a are local group telling the stories of North East women. The play was performed on the Oakfield site in the sports hall as part as our striving for excellence agenda where we provide fantastic training opportunities for all our staff.

Rattle Snake originally commissioned by Durham police highlights the patterns, affects and complexities for cohesive control as a form of Domestic abuse. This is the second time that the Academy have worked with Open Clasp to deliver outstanding and really powerful training.

All the staff have really enjoyed working with the amazing and super talented members of the Open Clasp team.

If you get the opportunity please see the performance while it is touring. Check out the links below:

Our Governor said: “This was a really moving and thought provoking theatre production”

A staff member said: “Training opportunities like this are invaluable, it reminds us all the of the importance of and encourages positive relationships”