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Trinity Academy took part in the annual Wanderers Athletics competition on the 26th of June. A team of 9 pupils travelled to Monkton Stadium to compete against 12 other schools in a wide range of running, throwing and jumping events.

The morning began well for the Trinity team with 4 medals being picked up during the running events; gold medals in the boys 200m and both the girls and boys football dribbling.A silver medal in the girls 400m and a silver in the boys 100m rounded off the morning.

The throwing events followed with our teams giving their all but narrowly missing out on medals by coming in 4th in both the javelin and shot put. The morning’s success then carried over into the jumping events, with 2 gold medals being won in the boys standing jump, and a silver medal being won in the long jump to round off an impressive 8 medal haul.

A huge well done to all those students who participated. Once again, Trinity Academy set an excellent example. They were well behaved throughout, showed outstanding sportsmanship, and were a credit to the school.