What are the Benefits of After School Clubs?

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Research over the years has revealed the benefits of students attending after school clubs and participating in activities that can be new, of personal interest or just good fun!

Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between extracurricular activities and academic performance, and they all show that students who participate in some form of after school club tend to have higher grades, a more positive attitude towards school and higher academic aspirations.

Some examples of the positive impact that could be gained:

· Boosting Academic Performance

· Improving Life and Social Skills

· Higher self-esteem and positive thinking

· Creating Safer, Happier Children

· Promoting Healthy Hobbies

· Encouraging a Brighter Future.

Studies have shown that positive relationships between staff and students are developed in the relaxed environments of the clubs that can be transferred into lessons and learning.

The lack of academic pressure and attainment enables students to be successful and develop in their chosen activities whilst learning social and life skills without realising it.

Does your child have a particular passion or interest the school could support and develop?

Have you asked the school about transport if your child is interested in attending or are you able to provide transport?