Practical Maths with Purple Group

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Year 9 purple group have been doing some practical work in maths. They have investigated the relationship between speed, distance and time.

We deduced the formula speed= distance/time and discovered an additional factor to consider was incline, in order to encourage momentum. David Nicholson said, “We built a cable cart and collected some string and measured different lengths. We realised to make it move we needed a hill so we headed to the school farm. We tried a couple of different lengths. We discovered that as the string was longer it became looser, so it dipped in the middle and the cart crashed. The shorter rope was tight so the cart travelled smoothly and built up speed.”

Cain bell said, “I enjoyed the experiment and thought it was good. I predicted the cart would just crash straight away and it did not, it actually worked. It was good to make something and for it to be turned into an experiment.”

Click here to see the cart in action!