Effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. We celebrate with the learners their achievements the Trust undertakes two different but complementary types of assessment:

Assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

Assessment for learning involves the use of assessment in the classroom to raise learner achievement. It is based on the premise that learners will improve most if they understand the aim of their learning, where they are in relation to this aim, and what they need to do to achieve this aim.

Assessment of learning (summative assessment) involves judging learners' performance against national standards.
Our learners are given feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is they need to do to improve. We encourage our learners by involving them in the review process.

Appendix A

Moderation and Assessment Against National Curriculum levels

In the Trustsmoderation of Trusts own learners can be carried out both for the purposes of moderating judgements against National Curriculum levels but also for professional development and assessment in all subjects.

To make the process manageable, it is helpful to have a focus for the moderation rather than try to moderate all the judgements made. You will need to select a sample of work on which you will agree with judgements within your Trust.

For further information, please download the full Assessment policy below.

Assessment Downloads

Assessment Policy 21.22
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