All academies are asked on occasions to keep information confidential. This can relate to a variety of issues including family matters, drug use, abuse or other dangerous or illegal activities.

Confidentiality is a whole academy issue, therefore it is important that all members of the academy follow the same clear and explicit policy.


1. To maintain an ethos of trust within the academy
2. To protect the child at all times
3. To reassure the children that their best interests will be maintained
4. To encourage pupils to talk to a trusted adult if they are having problems of any sort
5. To give clear guidance to all members of the academy about confidentiality
6. To give staff confidence to deal with sensitive issues
7. To ensure that pupils and parents/carers know that academy staff cannot offer unconditional confidentiality
8. To ensure that pupils and parents/carers are reassured that, if confidentiality has to be broken, they will be informed first and then supported appropriately
9. To ensure that if there are child protection issues then the correct procedure is followed (see Child Protection policy

The full policy is available for download below.

Confidentiality Downloads

If you require any download in another language please email admin.central@trinity.newcastle.sch.uk