E-Safety Policy

This E-safety and Acceptable Use of ICT Policy (AUP) relates to all members of the Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust community (including learners, staff, volunteers, visitors and contractors) who have access to, and are users of ICT systems and resources both in and out of learning venues where actions related to Academy set activities or use of Academy online systems.


To prepare learners for the needs of today and their future working lives where the curriculum and their personal goals require them to learn how to locate, retrieve and exchange information using a variety of technologies. Computer skills are vital to access employment and life-long learning as ICT is now seen as an essential skill for life. However, technologies present risks to vulnerable groups as well as benefits. Internet use for work, home, social and leisure activities is expanding across all sectors of society. This brings our staff and learners into contact with a wide variety influences some of which may be unsuitable. These new technologies are enhancing communication and the sharing of information, which inevitably challenge the definitions and boundaries of the Trust environment.

Please take a look at the downloads attached for Safer Internet Day 2019