AllTrusts have the legal right to impose reasonable sanctions if a pupil misbehaves. Physical punishment is illegal; but sanctions for misbehaviour that a Trust might use include: a reprimand, a letter to parents or guardians, removal from a class or group, loss of privileges, confiscation of a possession that is inappropriate in the classroom, detention, or in serious cases or persistent incidents of misconduct, exclusion. Exclusion, whether temporary or permanent, is used as a last resort. Permanent exclusion is used only in the most serious circumstances.

The Trust has a set of general rules which are designed in order that theTrust may be a safe, happy and caring place where members of the Trust community show consideration, concern and respect for each other. These rules are found in the Trust’s Behaviour Policy. Alllearners are expected to comply with the Trust's Behaviour Policy.


This policy deals with the Trust’s policy and procedure which informs the Trust’s use of exclusion. It contains guidelines, which may be adapted as necessary, explaining the circumstances and sorts of behaviour that could result in exclusion.

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