Special Educational Needs

All students at Trinity School have special educational needs. Student's identified needs are complex and significant in the area of Social, Emotional and Mental Health as described in the SEN Code of Practice.

Some students may also have associated needs in the areas of cognition/learning and communication and interaction (autistic spectrum disorder and/or speech and language difficulties). All students are either under statutory assessment or have a statement of special educational needs or, from September 2014, an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). These plans are reviewed and updated annually through multi-agency meetings.


1.To ensure that the resource needs of every student are met within a framework of equality of opportunity.
2.To ensure that the needs of individuals are understood and that systems exist to respond to them.
3.To ensure that the needs of students are assessed and reflected in their Education Inclusion Plans (EIPs), Parenting Contracts, Annual review advice and Annual reports.

The full policy is available for download below.

Special Educational Needs Downloads

Special Educational Needs Policy
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