LLDD Progression Routes

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Some of our wonderful LDD learners have moved onto exciting things over the last year. This underscores how bespoke our programme is and how we are consistently striving for excellence with our learners to meet their needs and interests.

The lovely Nichole went onto work in a care home near where she lives. She travels independently to work three days per week where she serves meals and refreshments to the service users at the care home.

Joe is currently working three days per week as a sales assistant at Marie Curie charity shop. His colleagues say he is very chatty, friendly and helpful and is always putting a smile on the customers’ faces.

Mr Keeley gained a supported internship with New Venture. He travels independently to his local charity shop where he works three days per week as a sales assistant. Ross also keeps himself very busy by volunteering as a café assistant at Smiles for Life one day per week.

Callum D moved onto the Ignite programme with the Princes Trust. He is currently working 5 days per week adding to his employability skills and gaining some fantastic work experience. Callum is completing sports and fitness exercises with the fire brigade where he can develop his teamwork skills. He is also completing light maintenance tasks on some of the fire engines so he can put the knowledge he gained in Motor Vehicle to use.

Raymond is now working at the Hextol foundation where he helps out with gardening and horticulture tasks. Raymond is doing a great job and has received brilliant feedback on how kind and polite he is.

Chloe moved onto a very exciting apprenticeship. Chloe works full time in a café where she prepares meals, serves food and cleans her work area. Staff working with Chloe have said she is very polite, ambitious and always goes above and beyond her job role.

Nathan is moving onto a level 3 course at Newcastle College. He will be studying music production full time and will attend a work placement.

Britney has successfully gained a supported internship with the NHS. Britney will be working in some of the hospitals across Newcastle on various work placements in Business Administration and nursing. Britney has a very exciting future ahead of her!

Ashir will be moving onto supported employment within Newcastle City Council. He will be working in an IT support role where he will be showing off his excellent Business Administration skills and being very helpful to all.

Callum S has gained an excellent employment opportunity with Newcastle Castle which suits his interests down to a ‘T’! Callum will be a tour guide assistant and will be filling the sightseers of Newcastle with fascinating historical facts.

The remaining LDD learners will be supported by Trinity Solutions Academy to become work ready and develop further skills to help them progress in the future.