Learner Spotlight: Ashir

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Ashir, a learner on the LLDD bespoke programme, joined the Business Administration vocation in September 2017. For his initial placement, Ashir was assisted by Trinity Academy Newcastle’s Data Manager to perform data entry tasks, calculate percentages for attendance across the multi-academy trust and assist with data reporting. Berjees Tata mentored Ashir through skills such as creating spreadsheets on Microsoft Excel, using basic formula to capture vital data for high-level reports and applying formatting tools to alter business documents.

Ashir transferred to Trinity Solutions Academy’s HUB office in November 2017 under the supervision of Jessica, the English and Business Administration tutor. The HUB office is the heart of Solutions. It is the staff room for 18 employees; provides the equipment and resources for all lessons; houses six members of staff who carry out their day-to-day responsibilities including teaching and learner wellbeing; and is the general point of contact for Solutions enquiries.

To begin with, Ashir found it difficult to process the loud and sometimes chaotic environment. He worked steadfastly but rarely communicated with anyone beyond Jessica and the LLDD team. Ashir was also nervous and required constant supervision when completing routine administrative tasks.

In under a year, Ashir has undergone a brilliant transformation. Always in attendance and punctual, Ashir is often the first to greet staff, learners and visitors each day. He is polite, professional and has a fantastic sense of humour that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Ashir’s philosophy is “why waste time when you can work?”, which frequently leaves Jessica scrambling for innovative tasks that will challenge and occupy him. Ashir is happiest when independently working through tasks on the computer. His ever-developing Digital Skills mean that he is competent on Microsoft Word, Publisher and Excel. During his placement, he has created a range of documents for staff members including posters to inform learners of important dates; advertisements for events; sponsorship forms for charity days; letters to parents and carers; and worksheets or presentations for lessons.

It has been a joy to observe Ashir’s confidence and self-esteem flourishing under Solutions. It has also been wonderful to learn about Ashir’s culture and occasions such as Eid. We are grateful for the invaluable administrative support that Ashir has provided to the team this year. Ashir has successfully completed nine units to achieve his Level 1 Certificate in Business Administration. He is sadly moving on at the end of July, where he will be championed to find supported employment within the IT industry.

We will miss Ashir and wish him the best of luck in the future.