Talking Academies with Teaching Assistants

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For their final module of the programme, Teaching Assistants have been looking at schools as organisations. On Monday 2nd July we were very lucky that Lynn McNally, Head of school (Post-16), was able to attend our session to discuss her role in the academy.

Learners articulated the results of their research into different types of schools. Lynn was impressed with their knowledge and explained the aspects of an academy that distinguish it from other institutions. This included a breakdown of Trinity Solutions Academy’s staffing structure, where it was evident that each member of staff plays a vital role in promoting effective learning and creating safe and inclusive environments for learners. In addition, Lynn highlighted the very important role teaching assistants play when Ofsted visit.

Lynn has many different roles and we realised that even though she might not teach us directly, she knows everything about every learner. She explained how her job isn't a typical 9-5 and discussed the reading and research she undertakes in order to influence academy policies and improve practice. The Teaching Assistants have been investigating topics such as young people’s development, safeguarding, communication, and equality and diversity, so it was valuable for them to gain an insight into their function in academy life.

On Monday 9th July, we will complete the module when Peter Carter and Sarah Elliott, post-16 governors, visit to explain the role school governors have in the academy.