Working in Business Administration

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Trinity Solutions Academy introduced a new vocational qualification for this academic year: Level 1 BTEC Awards, Certificates and Diplomas in Business Administration. We are excited to report that our first cohort has successfully achieved their qualifications and are now ready to progress onto further studies, internships and supported employment. Even more exciting is that three of the learners will be continuing with Solutions to pursue their Level 1 Diplomas from September 2018!

Since joining the programme, Ashir, Britney, Ellie, Heena, Libby and Katelyn have worked tirelessly within their classroom sessions and whilst on placement. They have produced gold-standard evidence for their portfolios on topics such as rights and responsibilities at work; creating business documents; working in a team; and professional behaviour in an office environment. The learners have also excelled in their placements where they have fulfilled the duties of administrative staff within real-life working environments. I have observed them thrive under pressure and dazzle members of staff with their professionalism, adherence to the dress code, and competence in using office equipment safely and efficiently.

Staff have been particularly impressed by the sense of community fostered by the learners. They have embraced the exceptionalities of each learner and have built positive relationships within their team. They always offer assistance to each other and push themselves to reach their full potential.

In a module on Working in Business Administration, learners were required to provide video evidence of them performing routine administration tasks. They had to demonstrate the accurate use of a range of equipment, as well as adherence to security and/or safety procedures. Learners worked together to craft scripts and coordinate filming. View their brilliant work below…

Libby. Britney. Katelyn.