Pupil Premium Grants

Catch Up Premium


Year 7 Catch-Up Premium is a type of funding additional to the main school funding. It is received from the government and is allocated to pupils who failed to achieve the Expected Standard at the end of Key Stage 2 in Mathematics and/or English reading.

Trinity Academy received £500 per pupils for 13 pupils (£6,500 in total) for the year 2015/16. As a result of admission, we had a further 5 students join the school within year 7 that would also have been eligible for the funding.

Allocation of Year 7 catch-up premium 2015/16:

1. Early support in literacy and numeracy through intervention plans.

2. Specialised groupings to target Year 7 catch up pupils with additional support

3. Specifically targeted reading materials and numeracy materials.

4. One-to-one literacy and numeracy sessions for specific students.

5. Outdoor education days for engagement and learning experiences

The Impact of Catch Up Premium

A higher proportion of students who were eligible for the Catch Up premium made expected progress than the remainder of the school population.

Maths English

Catch up Student making expected progress during Year 7

100% 63%

Catch up Student making accelerated progress during Year 7

63% 13%

Allocation of Year 7 Catch Up Premium 2016/17:

Amount Received: £6,158

Curriculum structure and intervention-the curriculum has been structured to enable those pupils who did not secure the national standard in English and/or maths to access learning in small groups and receive 1:1 intervention if underachieving. This allows intensive and extended support to meet the needs of these pupils, ensuring that their core skills (which underpin the rest of the curriculum) are developed.

Reading Wise- ReadingWise is an evidence-based, efficient programme for those who have struggled to learn to read. This programme was purchased for all key stage 3 pupils with the aim of promoting a reading culture across year 7 to 9. However, the main aim of purchasing this programme was to accelerate the progress of those pupils who receive the catch up funding specifically with reading, which is a skill which determines how well they can access the rest of the curriculum.

MyMaths - Interactive lessons, games, and worksheets are linked to an Assessment Manager system that enables fun and dynamic teaching while tracking and monitoring progress systematically.

Outdoor Education Days – Students access full days outside of school to promote confidence, team building and articulation; all skills that can support them back in the classroom

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