A Typical Day On the Farm

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Trinity Academy farm is a fantastic learning environment for learners across the Multi-Academy Trust. However, few people recognise the hard work that the facilities team and the LDD learners and staff dedicated to maintaining and developing the area. Here we will give you an idea of what you can expect from a typical day working on the farm and what sort of work will go alongside the Land-Based studies qualification on offer in September 2018.

Learners start the day by putting on their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment/Clothing), signing into the farm’s register and washing their hands. This is important as it encourages learners to think about the health and safety of themselves and others. They then collect each animal’s food bowl and ensure that they are clean. Food is then measured and distributed to all of Trinity Academy’s animals: donkeys, goats, rabbits, alpacas, geese, ducks, chickens and pigs. Learners make sure that water is clean and topped up if needed, and that any hay is given to animals who have it in their diet.

Learners take part in the maintenance of the living environments of each animal. We use equipment such as a wheelbarrow, fork, shovel, cleaning products and water. We like to make sure that living spaces are kept clean and tidy and don’t get too smelly. This is necessary to protect the animals’ health and our nostrils!

All learners have the chance to complete learner-led tasks and deliver their own step-by-step instructions to each other. For example, we currently have two learners who are experts in gardening and animal care and take the lead every week. We work as a team to get our jobs done and work safely at all times.

Learners have the opportunity to maintain the garden area by planting, nurturing and maintaining different crops. Some of the produce grown on the farm is used as part of cooking and enterprise lessons.

We have lots of fun on the farm and think that working with the various animals is great! They all have different personalities and we enjoy keeping them happy.