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On Wednesday 6th July, Level 1 PSD participated in the nationwide EqualiTeas campaign. The purpose was to explore the history of the Suffrage movement and celebrate 100 years of women being able to vote.

Learners discussed key issues surrounding modern gender equality and debated the stereotypes that predominate in today’s society. During a civilised tea party, we played a game provided by the EqualiTeas campaign organisers. This taught us about laws and throughout the ages and the struggles that women faced 100 years ago to be given the right to vote and allowing us to become the democratic society we are today. We were very shocked to discover that despite these changes in 1918, it took a further 86 years before there was a female speaker in the house of Lords!

There was some very thought-provoking and open discussion which made for a very interesting lesson. Sadly many young people, male or female don't seem to understand why we vote or the reason we should vote. There were some digitally creative ideas to encourage the next generation to get involved. Maybe a whole campaign is needed just to encourage everyone to vote!