Five Star Gardening School

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We have previously provided updates on the awards we have received from the Royal Horticultural Society – School Gardening campaign. We have gained Levels 1-4 and been awarded some exciting gifts for our school farm and garden and resources for our young people. These have included: a certificate for each level, a growing calendar, a great discount, grow boxes with baby plants from rocket gardens and two gardening books.

After a lot of hard work and providing evidence for our application, we are now a ‘Five Star Gardening School’ after achieving Level 5.

To achieve our ‘Five Star Gardening School’ status we have been required to provide evidence of the work which has been happening on the farm with our learners and links to the community. Part of this required a summary of learner work and activities, the tools and equipment required, contact with external providers and pictures of work being carried out. In gaining the final level we have received two waterproof plaques which showcase our status and £200 worth of gardening vouchers.

This award and ‘Five Star’ status summarises the hard work and amazing effort carried out by the Land Based Studies staff and learners and the Facilities team. We are very proud of the amazing facilities and resources we have on offer here at Trinity and all of those involved should be proud of achieving such an amazing award and status for our Trust.